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November 09, 2005


Brendan, you don't know what you are talking about. How could you know that props 75 and 77 were all about? You don't live in California so you don't care that legislators from both parties draw districts to protect themselves. For this reason, NO ONE LOST during the last election. No competition means disconnect with the voters which means the only bill that gets past is one that outlaws Viagra for inmates. Sounds like CA legislators are in touch with their constituents, eh?

If you don't think public employees unions are in charge of the state capital, you are living in France where they have a "youth" problem.

Also, every major left-leaning paper (e.g., SF Chronicle, LA Times, Sacramento Bee) in CA was FOR props 75 and 77. So was every right-leaning paper. The people here are just stupid and/or don't care anymore.

Case-in-point: a smart co-worker (patent attorney) voted "no" on all of them. Why? "I didn't read them I just thought voting no would mean the status quo [insert bid duh here]. I don't trust politicians." People here are stupid, even the smart ones.

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