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November 01, 2005


Ok. In considering my comments from an earlier post with regard to the general (political) ignorance of the prototypical American, I stand corrected - providing these examples from scholarly political science papers are as rigorous and substansive as their language would suggest.

However, if I consider the actual views of the entire in-law side of my family, my step-family, and members of my own extended family and then apply their small-town Fox News tainted logic to similar peoples in the same socioeconomic stratum across the country... I would have to cry bullshit.

That (i.e. to go beyond one's immediate circles of relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. and work with probabilistic samples) is the whole point of scientific inquiry - especially when one is dealing with mass politics! The mere fact that you are reading this blog makes you highly unusual, in terms of levels of political information, or of political interest at least.

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