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November 28, 2005


Swarthmore rules!

Those polls are unfair to Bush; a poll that presented alternative futures:

1) ours currently;

2) and one with Saddam Hussein in power and still playing VERY PERSONALLY PROFITABLE cat-and-mouse games with the U.N., bribing the sanctions enforcers and hindering inspectors thereby fettering their access and thus leaving us another 3 years in doubt as to his capabilities and intentions and giving him 3 years to engage in any plans either solely or in conjunction with some Islamic fundamenatlist terrorist organization of some kind;

might, I am willing to wager, provide radically different results than:

"Was the Iraq War a mistake?" in the midst of a public debate in which Bush is by his office hobbled. I mean, naturally, as a student of poltical science, you are aware that Murtha's speech on November 17th merely revealed in general terms the Bush-Pentagon plan in existence; something Bush, for patriotic and strategic reasons, kept close to his vest wishing not to signal our plans to the enemy.

I think history will prove George W. Bush a great Commander-in-Chief. I elaborated over at Daniel Drezner's website if you're interested.

And, it will always remain the Fighting Little Quakers to me; it too perfectly represents the greatness that is Swarthmore: subtlety, capablility-of-laughing-at-ourselves, and effectively humility. Garnet means . . . 2. A dark to very dark red. We're not "dark" and we are not "red"; merely just obsessively dedicated to social justice.

The Objective Historian

Good post. This article from last Sunday is very much on-point:

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