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December 13, 2005


I'd say Dickerson is about half-right on Kerry -- although he elides over the fact that at the Vietnam-era Winter Soldier meeting, that's exactly what he was doing. In this instance, he just put it badly.

As for Boxer, it may be bizarre that the RNC didn't choose a more striking quote, but it's wrong to equate Boxer's statement with Rumsfeld. She said "withdrawal" had to begin post-election, Rumsfeld only said they were going back to an earlier troop level -- not beginning the full withdrawal there.

And I don't see what the big deal about the Grinch picture is, except that he was able to find the original. If it wasn't taken from that shot, it would have been produced for the spot (some would surely call it "staged"). Pointing out its origination does not change the fact that American soldiers may be discouraged by defeatist comments by Dean or Pelosi.

Or even Kerry -- the RNC may have taken his line out of context, but a reasonable person could well hear that and think, 'did he just call our boys terrorists'? Surely intent is not the only measuring stick; effect matters as well. And the RNC was far from the first to take it this way.

C'mon, Brendan, let's see a Spinsanitized take on the Dickerson piece!

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