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December 13, 2005


"... the looney lefties are after him."

Was this supposed to be a joke? If not, why was the first link characterized by the word looney? Just wondering.

Oops, I thought it was democrats.com due to the "General Peter Feaver" stuff. Took down the link.

"a pickup player who doesn't pass, questions every out-of-bounds call and happily hurls up bricks that clang off the rim."

A little competitiveness is probably a good thing, but never passing and shooting bricks? Does anybody else find this an ironic indication of the undemocratic and utimately destructive tendencies and policies of the current administration and its supporters?

Ok, Brendan.

I accept that Kos diaries are uneven and reflect opinions that are all over the map. That’s what happens in large online communities across the political spectrum. If you’re going to choose one diary or newspaper story to criticize because you find the arguments in it poorly reasoned, empirically unsupportable, or reflective of a wider misunderstanding about Feaver and Gelpi’s research and/or involvement in the formulation of administration policy, then IMHO it would make for a better conversation if you would address the issues involved rather than dismiss the author of the diary as a loony.

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