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December 27, 2005


I used to respect Frist, but that collapsed when I saw him run to the Senate well to smear Richard Clarke, when Clarke was blowing the whistle.

Everything he said was bogus, and was said with the kind of over-the-top hauteur that has become his hallmark.

The funniest part when he denounced Clarke for writing a book, the very thing he, the good doctor, was doing.

Did you see Frist's recent book about his family, "Good people beget good people?"

There is a real possibility that his high regard for himself is sincere. If so, he is as dangerous as he is lean.

That's why I think he would only say what he said about Clarke, while the Senate was in session, so he would be protected from libel, slander, and defamation suits. It's when of those things, if you asked him, he would probably deny, citing the love of his own reputation as some sort of proof.

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