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December 29, 2005


What Congressional District are you in?

None of the impeachments so far have been about the charges. With Republicans in charge of Congress it is very hard to imagine impeachment proceedings.

Note who has not spoken against the NSA program (other than Republicans) since the Times story broke. The list includes Harry Reid and Dick Durbin in the Senate; Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer in the House; and members of both intelligence committees. In other words, Democrats in the know either have supported the surveillance program or just kept their mouths shut.

That's inaccurate: Reid supports an investigation, Pelosi has requested declassification of her letter expressing concerns about the NSA program, and Hoyer also supports an investigation.

Supporting an investigation and requesting declassification is hardly a sign of being against the NSA program. Of course they are going to appease their constituents by asking for an investigation. Perhaps the Bush administration oversteps the bounds of set forth in FISA. They knew about the program (warrantless wiretaps) before - but in politics you can always change your mind when it is convenient, I suppose.

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