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December 15, 2005


I got a similar, more expansive survey in the mail with a nice cover letter from Libby calling me a dear friend. Oddly, with all the leading questions, there were no questions on Iraq or the Patriot Act. It was a moderate version of an RNC mailer where the begging for money at the end was the most common element.

I'm a bit confused here, Brendan. What's the difference between bringing up the illegal immigration issue and "scapegoat[ing] illegal immigrants"?

I'm conflicted on the issue myself, but it's really hard to see how Republicans can discuss it without giving critics a wide opening to call them racist and xenophobic -- even when Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton are expressing similar concerns.

Anything? Any difference at all? I mean, I'd like to assume the "Wilfredo Horton" slur was based on some actual distinction in political rhetoric, rather than merely being a clever way to smear Republican discussion of illegal immigration.

My point is that the Dole survey doesn't represent a serious attempt to deal with the immigration problem, it's an attempt to pander to disaffected conservatives. And that suggests future demagoguery may be attempted by politicians pandering to those same conservatives. It's admittedly speculative, as the title makes clear.

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