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January 18, 2006


Excellent follow-up. At the very least, you've made them aware of the problem with that kind of "quote".

I thought Gore's speech was suprisingly moderate and even somewhat libertarian. I wish more politicians would cross-pollinate by speaking on behalf of groups who aren't natural allies; or that groups would ask politicians to speak in front of non-allied audiences in order to explain themselves and/or bridge the gaps.

It would help political discourse, I think, if politicking wasn't almost entirely an excercise in echo-chamber logistics -- finding the base, preaching to the base, energizing the base. Politicians sometimes come across much better when they have to moderate their arguments for consumption by the other side.

When he said that he understood that it might have been misleading, did he mean: "oops, won't do that again" or "excellent, that was the intent?"

When I asked him if he understood how the headline could have been misleading, he said yes, but didn't elaborate. I would characterize him as noncommittal.

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