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January 25, 2006


I agree with the essential point those protesters are making about the surveillance program, and I'm a libertarian so you'd think I'd appreciate the way they do it, but that quote has long bothered me. Inter alia, we've been trading liberty for security for quite a long time. Those very people, I'd wager, would trade liberty for security. You would trade liberty for security.

For instance, our society has elected to trade economic liberty for security over and over again. That's precisely what welfare, social security, and medicare are.

The quote may be useful to various groups, but that utility is compromised by the fact that none of the groups, apparently, actually believe it.

A law school is a place that teaches reasoned debate. That is the very essence of the legal process. Rather than engage Mr. Gonzales or supporters of the administration in reasoned debate, rather than try to convince anyone that what the administration is doing is unlawful, rather than addressing the difficult legal and constitutional issues involved, these students held up a big sign. Color me impressed. I wouldn't hire any of them even to work as a file clerk.

Gonzales debate the students??? The students would readily show his "legal reasoning" of the constitution is faulty. I don't think he even took any questions after the speech -

If they'd even attempted to say anything to Gonzales they probably would've been arrested & falsely accused of trying to attack him, or at the least for "creating a disturbance". They did what they could with the space they had.

I'd love to have seen a debate between him & the students, but I know better than to expect him to ever allow it.

DBL, I think you miss the point. The students were not at his talk to debate with Gonzales and a debate with the audience was not even part of agenda. Out of respect for the event, the students did what they thought was appropriate. In my opinion, what they did was effective, dignified and apropos.

praxedis, how can you suggest that their behavior was tame because of their "respect for the event" ? The fact that they created such a spectacle shows that they had zero respect for this event. What effect did their action have on the rest of the students who were there to actually listen to what the AG had to say? Likewise, what effect did it have on the country's perception of Georgetown? The whole thing looks like a set up.

The whole thing looks like a set up, says martin. So somebody is being framed? The AG?

If what you mean is that this protest looks like it was organized in advance, well duh, of course it was. And who gives a damn about the "effects on other students" or on the country's perception of Georgetown? I can't even conceive of weaker arguments to levy against these brave students. And you're in law school?

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