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January 25, 2006


Cindy Sheehan became a cartoon character of the protest movement a long time ago. Her cloying voice is as loud as silence to most people.. liberals included.

But, to criticise her comment and behavior by labeling Hugo Chavez (however correct the labels may be) seems silly considering our fine president is also a thug and a demagogue.

The administration of George Bush should be held equally accountable for it's piss poor handling of human rights and civil liberties.. illegal wire taps, torture, illegal war, etc.?

Or does this make me an extremist too?

I believe she was praising Chavez over his anti-globalization stance against our "own" governments policies towards foreign citizens and regimes. I am in no way a supporter of Chavez for his actions regarding human rights and his track record on civil liberties, I think Mr. Bush and Hugo have certain things in common. However, I do not know the rest of what was said by Cindy, but from this passage I do not think she was praising Chavez for anything other than his stand against our foreign policies. I may be wrong but in this case it is my belief you have taken Sheehan's words out of context. To post what more was said on her behalf may clear up some of my confusion. I'm a big fan of yours, you do a great job at checking on both sides of the political spectrum. Being objective in todays political realm is a rarity. I'm hoping you prove me wrong on this issue. Keep up the good work! We need people like you in the capitol! Nyhan in 2012!


Sheehan has been outside of the mainstream for quite a while. She has referred to the U.S. as the greatest terrorist threat in the world and has sympathized with the Iraqi insurgents. She has no credibility with me. I despise Bush, but let's get a better opponent than Sheehan.

I knew she was heading over the cliff back when she tried to argue (I think it was on Hardball) that we shouldn't have invaded Afghanistan.

she is not a serious person, she is a cartoon as someone already mentioned. let's not give this clown any more undeserved press

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