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February 08, 2006


This neoconservative fantasy must end. Unfortunately, this might work for the GOP in November, if they infiltrate the minds of doubting voters wary of the "mission to end tyranny."

Did you also hear the one about the former Air Force leuitenant [sic?] of Saddam's that said Saddam ordered him to transport WMDs, using civilian aircraft, to Syria? Just silliness. I think FoxNews pays these guys pretty well.

Why wouldn't Hussein, not known for his humanitarianism, have used the WMDs against our troops rather than hiding them? Maybe Hokstra knows something we don't-or more likely he's just a dim bulb.

Jonny, I did hear that rumor. The problem with the general's testimony is that it is pure hearsay. He admits he never saw the weapons moved, merely that his friend told him later they were flown out to Syria.

Saddam did not use chemical weapons because he had been denying having them for over a decade and knew that using them would prove he was a liar and discredit him with the arab street which has this funny Muslim view that lying is okay, until you get caught. Saddam's plan was to do exactly what is happening now. He knew he couldn't beat the US militarily so he planned to give ground and let insrgents and Jihadists kill Americans until the public went weak and brought home the troops, then he would be back in, getting caught was definately not part of that plan. Don't you people read anything other than Huffington Post?

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