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February 02, 2006


Most people, when on television, store their tension in their eyelids (look and see how often news anchors blink, it's a good indication of their confidence). Unfortunately, it looks like Kaine is one of the rare breed that store tension in their left eyebrow.

OK, I'll say it: You're shallow. What does an eyebrow have to do with the quality of someone's ideas? Nothing, I think.

Jack Davis is right. Eyebrows are meaningless. I guess you would have avoided FDR because nobody wants a cripple to lead us in war...

Kaine didn't impress me much in the reply. His speaking style was too measured, too stilted, too practiced. He didn't look natural or comfortable. Surely this was an occassion screaming out for Obama?

Brendan - shame on you. So the man has asymmetrical eyebrows. So what?

Maybe his botox person got the dose wrong?? I've never seen anything like it.

My left eyebrow does the same thing; sometimes i'm concentrating or looking at something and then i notice my eyebrow way up there

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