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March 21, 2006


Thanks for the work. After reading about the dustup yesterday I did some research and found the supposed AP article from the Boston Globe reveals further problems for Ben. There was a n article in the Boston Globe the day he says he saw the one he posted, on the same subject and containing Russert's real question--but it was written by two Globe writers who, I'm presuming, do not also write for the AP. That is further evidence, in my mind, that he had the thing up entirely.

Sorry if you've already mentioned this. Thanks again.

Brendan, nice work and like Joe Conason says over at Salon, Spinsanity is sadly missed.

The mistake that Joe, Josh and perhaps you might make, however, is that the WaPo is no longer really a journalistic enterprise. I don't mean that in an easly blog slam.

I've dealt with the Post in a variety of ways -- as interviewee, as low-level business partner for several of their ventures and denizen of the Imperial City for decades.

The business transactional side of the enterprise I think is now the largely dominant mindset. Not just in the journalism-we-have-to-have-Republicans-Like
Us-Because-They-Control-The-Government. But also in the fact that their dead tree version customers are increasingly Republican in the surrounding DC suburbs. And their national aspirations via interactive media must also reach that sweetspot.

The concern by Josh about the journalism misses the point. They never intended Domenech to be a professional counterpart to Froomkin and they really didn't care. What they did care about was addressing the 'sentiment' of their key audience -- to keep their subscriptions and their online clicks. Cynical? Craven? Maybe. But then, if management increasingly treats the WaPo as largely a furniture advertising circular surrounded by text, what can one expect?

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