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March 29, 2006


Wow. Some questions come to mind: When these guys called a service to hire the dancers, did they specifically request black women? If so, then considering their racist behavior, it seems obvious that they had a very specific intent BEFORE THE PARTY EVEN STARTED. Get my drift?
Then, if the victim was given some kind of drug while at the party, again, seems like we have a whole lot of premeditation going on here...not necessarily just a "mob mentality" thing.
And another one: Apparently there is one black player on the team. Wonder what HIS experience has been, as a member of this group?
And then also: Where the heck are the parents of these players? It's been two weeks and still not one of them has broken their silence. I would hope that these parents are putting the screws to these kids and doing anything they can to get the ones who weren't involved to turn in those who were.
When I was in college (ANOTHER Triangle University...not State)the LAX players were known as a rough group, but it was drunken brawling and public urination kind of rough...nothing like this. It boggles the mind.

My recollection is that Duke and Durham have troubled reputations on race issues, or at least when compared to Chapel Hill and UNC. (This is all third-hand, and I believe Duke gets tainted for being in Durham, rather than any specific actions or inactions on its part.) I wonder to what extent that largely unaddressed reputation is driving interest in this case.

"Outraged that legal rights are used to quiet this issue"? What a strange quote.

Worst-case scenario here: A rape occurred, but the hysteria (including the bizarre assertion that the media are somehow ignoring this) makes it impossible to do a proper investigation, and the innocent get punished more than the guilty.

Murphy, agree that is a strange quote, however...how are the innocent being punished more than the guilty? And, to characterize this as "a rape ocurred" is a whopper of an understatement. It is really unsettling to hear what sound like allowances and excuses for the behavior of these cretins.

I think what also will be troubling is the details of the players' actions outside of the crime. Acts of bigotry associated with a university are heavily damaging, and the reaction among players to the alleged crime—from indifference to an actual cover-up—are truly despicable.

Raleighite -- Fair question, and I should clarify that the worst-case scenario presented here is hypothetical, though entirely plausible.

I was pointing out that it's quite possible that the guilty (if a crime -- and you're right that "rape," as strong a word as it is, isn't sufficient -- occurred) will evade justice, while those who weren't part of it suffer from guilt by association.

I understand the notion that someone on that team should step forward. But that's putting an awful lot of pressure on a scared 19-year-old kid who may be guilty of nothing other than being the teammate of cretins and is being told by lawyers to keep his mouth shut. (The DA, I believe, has said that some team members weren't present.)

Maybe the pressure should be on the lawyers instead?

Have you ever read the children's tale The Emperor's New Clothes? Have you ever seen the play The Crucible? Do you beleive that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Have you ever heard of the word "hoax?" Do you beleive in lie detector tests being given to plaintiffs? Have you ever heard of the OJ trial and what the n-word did there? Have you ever considered that escort services supply prostitutes? Do you consider a 28 year old unwed mother of two naive? Have you ever heard of crack heads? Lynch mobs? Anarchy? Jealousy?
Could it be that two upset vengeful liars made up both stories-- the racial slurs and the rape?
Good. Rexamine the premise of this whole thing! Be open minded.

After the dust settles we all lose--a girl's life is forever changed as well as several young men as trial will ensure...and they all have to deal with the consequences of their decisions--whether right or wrong in our eyes--they are a product of a society that is more concerned about the way things look, how much money you have and lies... rather than the truth. But the truth is what can destroy and build-up, that is why politics doesn't deal to well within this realm of reality, nor do many of us want to hear or see the truth but envelope a false sense of security as we pass along in our actions to our children and then so on into the generations. These young men had a false sense of power through an act of rape and bigotry. And that young women found her security in belittling herself for money.
If money lost its value a lot of us would really have nothing to offer to one another.

Ok, Mr. These two strippers fabricated this story, oh and lets not forget the naive mother of two. Hmmm, ponder the thought for once that these players probably are 100 percent guilty of this crime. Women can not pretend to be victimized and bodies can not produce false wounds ( wounds in reference to the sexual assault signs at the hospital) This seems to be another case where athletes feel they will and can take full advantage and they feel they can get away with it.

IN RE: Vaginal 'trauma' or what someone in this thread called "wounds in reference to the sexual assault" can occur even in consensual sexual intercourse. A well-known and oft-cited study simply took magnified photographs of the vaginal and anal areas of married women BEFORE and immediately AFTER consensual marital sexual intercourse and concluded that in almost ten per cent of cases lacerations and suggilations (look it up) occurred that, under 'forensic' conditions would be 'consistent with sexual assault".
Just thought you might like to know.
A concerned physician.

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