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April 03, 2006


For the record, that kind of murder rate would make Iraq about 6 or 7 times more dangerous than the United States currently is.

It's really a staggering number.

You'll also want to note Kos' comments, as shared with Steve Clemons:


KOS: "The Civil War I partly lived through, in El Salvador, cost 100,000 lives over 12 years. That's an average of 23 per day.

The civil war in Algeria has cost 200,000 lives since 1988, or roughly 37 killed per day.

And so on. What we're seeing in Iraq is far more horrific than your garden-variety modern-day civil war. It truly, honestly, isn't a matter of debate anymore. As for temperature, it's already twice to three times as hot of some of the most recent, deadliest civil wars."

Geez, Brendan, don't you get it? You have to put the deaths in historical context. What is thousands of dead? Nothing! Why, at least that many have died in recent Thanksgiving Day Parade mishaps. And how about bungee jumping accidents? Wipes out millions a year!

You crazy liberals, always worried about death and stuff.

Based on Drum's article, 900 Iraqis died in March and 700 in February. That's 30 Iraqis/day in March and ~23/day in February.

Ronald Hilton estimates that, over the 24 years of Saddam Hussein's rule, about 600,000 people were killed by the Iraqi government. Now, maybe I ain't all that good at cipherin', but by my math, if you assume that Saddam Hussein was in power for 24 years (8,646 days, including leap years), and 600,000 people were executed during that time, you come up with an average of 69.4 people a day executed by Saddam Hussein's regime.

That doesn't, by the way, include the 1,000,000 or so Iraqis who died during Mr. Hussein's wars of aggression agsint Iraq or Kuwait. That's just executions.

Going strictly by death count, are Iraqis better off when they had a tranquil public life with 70 people being bumped off by their own government every day, than they are now with 13 people dying in sectarian violence each day? Nevermind that, at the current rate, it will take 126 years for the daily death toll in Iraq to equal the death toll under Saddam Hussein. It just feels really unsafe.

And, frankly, Iraq is really unsafe. But it'as a fundamentally different kind of threat that existed under Saddam. Now the threat is overt violence; easily seen, and easily identified. Under Saddam Hussein, the threat was far more subtle. Your neighbors merely disappeared in the middle of the night, with hardly a ripple to mark their passing. Sure, you were five times more likely to be bumped off by Saddam Hussein, but at least he had the good breeding to ensure you went quietly, without making a big deal out of it.

And, really, that's all that counts, isn't it?

How very original, "Jonny". You've simply copied/pasted the text of a post written by Dale at QandO.


That's b/c I am a very big fan of your site. Dale can't be everywhere at once. I wouldn't have had to do any cutting and pasting if you provided anything worth reading about in your post above. Dale's observations are much more enlightening in this context. Don't you think?

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