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April 03, 2006


I think that she explained the story after he learned about it from the reporter. All she said was that it would hurt her father if she didn't report it!I think that the timing of events has to be seriously looked at!

Facts are the key here, forensic facts. Until those are all in, we will not know what happened.

The key facts that have been publicly disclosed to date are these: (1) the alleged victim reported to police that she had struggled with her attackers and in the process her artificial nails were torn off; the police apparently recovered those torn-off nails from the floor of the bathroom at the house, and (2) the alleged victim apparently had vaginal bruises and other injuries consistent with rape.

I don't give a lot of weight to the "he said, she said" stuff or to inflammatory claims about the alleged rapists making racial insults, but physical evidence counts for a lot in my book.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. I sincerely hope, though, that the boys in the house who were not involved in this are fully cooperating with the police.

DL: the curious thing here is that the lawyer for several members of the team is all over TV, essentially bragging that the DNA tests will exonerate all of them. (Perhaps he meant only those who were his clients?)

Makes you wonder if the team knows who actually committed this crime; knows it was not an actual team member but instead friends of teammates; and that they hope to clear themselves while remaining silent about the actual perps.

There are major insconsistencies, and it's believed the Father's first reaction and comment were the most sincere and truthful.

Since then, the Father has progressively described his
daughter's condition as more serious.

The last line of his statement
(truncated above) the Father says We didn't know anything about it - If he didn't know anything about it, then his elaborate story the he's gone on Rita Cosby/MSNBC and told now where she couldn't walk and her face was terribly swollen and bruised.. HAS TO BE A LIE.
I think he's getting carried away and possibly, he's not sophisicated enough to realize many of his statements have been taped. I've seen about 4 of his statements and it goes from Nothing happened, She was here and we had no idea, to she was swollen a little and something wasn't right - To She called me from the hospital the next morning and when she came to house she was beaten and bruised, swollen, her leg was out of joint and she really couldn't walk (or not walk right). He adds in his latest version that She told him that the Doctors in the hospital tried to put her leg back in joint. The DA didn't indicate this type of injury and no such injury has been leaked.

The 911 call stinks. One of those dancers made that first 911 call and 120 seconds later, 2 police units arrived and the house was dark, emtpy, and locked. The two units spent 11 minutes searching the property and looking in doors and windows. The timeline from a feuding neighbor coincides exactly with the theory the dancers made the first call. The feuding neighbor reported (from his front porch birds-eye view) seeing the boys come out and they were loud. The dancers got in their car (same vehicle they both arrived in together according to the neighbor)
He heard the boys saying something about they should get their money back. The dancer's shouldn't leave with the money. As the two dancer's drove away, one player from the other side of the street (Wall side) yelled a racial slur. The neighbor says the boys then went towards the East Campus and he said about 3 minutes later the police arrived. He said the players didn't have any confrontations or make any other slurs towards any other vehicle.

So you see, with the neighbor's statement and the Police record showing they arrived 2 minutes after receiving the call (the Police station is close) the stories mesh like a fingers into a glove.

The first 911 call was from one of the dancers and the other dancer was sitting next to her (The neighbor saw them get in the car together and then he witnessed the slur reported in the first 911 call). So actually, the 911 report, the police record, and the feuding neighbor's account all mess together and give a clear picture.

Here's the problem for the dancers (remember the neighbor saw them get into the car together and leave together), in that 911 call, the woman states she's not hurt in
ANY way. She also says it's not really an emergency. Also, 120 seconds later the police arrive and the boys are not even in the local vincinity.

The alleged victim is studying Police Psychology at NC Central.
The woman on the first 911 call says how angry she is. Was this a set up? Why, when men were residing in that house, didn't they dispose of the 4 RED fake fingernails, her cell phone, her pocketbook and a $400.00 roll of bills. They left that stuff there for over 60 hours. Who do you know that scores 1600 on their SATs and then walks back and forth past evidence that will put them away for 18-30 years? This was not an empty house. The door was answered when the warrant was executed. One theory, the RED fingernails, cell phone, Pocketbook, and Large roll of Twenties was left there - because they didn't know it was there!

Otherwise, how do you explain these guys are smart enough to say they're another sports team and use fake names, and all 46 - some seriously under the unfluence according to the neighbor - leave in unison and avoid the approaching police in 120 seconds? But, be dumb enough to leave all the evidence lying in the middle of the bathroom floor. If they knew the $400.00 was there it would have been taken and spent in the intervening time period (like 64 hours). Her pocketbook with her ID was right there.. I cannot fathom someone knowing they've committed a serious crime not making even a cursory attempt to hide or dispose of evidence.

This case smells. Smells real bad.

Somehing is NOT right!

Brendon, you comment at the bottom of the post that this is relative
minor detail.

I think it is more than that. There's a huge difference between visiting your Raped Daughther in the hospital in the middle of the night AND I saw her the day after and she didn't say anything was wrong, she even left her car here (details). The last statement which was truncated by me posting or you editing was "SHE DIDN'T TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT IT"

Source URL:

I understand (I've called two Major newspapers) that the reporter that knocked on his door saw the shock on his face and he questioned the reporter increduously.

Now, I understand she can't be held responsible for her Father's shifting story. But, her credibility will be hurt when it turns out her Father never visited her at the hospital. She blends that visit into the REASON why she had to report the rape. That's a pretty blantant lie to make to TWO newspaper reporters telling you this is on the record and we want to tell your story. If she lies about that, does she lie routinely and repeatedly? I guarantee you that's how the Lawyers will look at it.

I understand the forensics, However, we were told in the Kobe pre-trial and public discourse on that case that Consensual sex causes the same damage. An expert said that Rapes can leave no damage and consesual sex can injure in the same way. Now, the beating, if it happened, is another thing entirely. When I spoke with one reporter about the Father's inconsistent story, he told me when he heard the Father describe the swelling he was very surprised. He had interviewed the DA a couple times and had a couple off the record conversations and he said Nifong (DA) did not mention the facial injuries when he did mention the Intercourse/rape type injuries.

I still say something is wrong with this story. We heard early on that the dancer arrived drunk or high did she already have sex? She didn't show up for this party until around Midnight. So, it's reasonable to think that she could have had another client before this team's party. I don't know, but too much is not matching. Some defense attorneys (there are 14 now I think) for the players are saying there where people there that were not on the team.

Another ISSUE: The Father said 3 times on Rita Cosby that his daughter Positively ID'd the 3 assailants. He said she was absolutely sure, in fact, he said she told him that she would NEVER forget those faces. To support this, the Searh Warrant names 3 boys (first names). It doens't say may be or sound like. It names 3 players.

So, if she picked them out of a photo lineup and the DA has their first names, why doesn't the DA test those 3 boys? We've heard how all these tests have overwhelmed the NC State Bureau of Investigaion - and they are very expensive. So, what did the DA see or find out that made him Cast a huge net over all 46 ? Test the 3 and nothing, NOTHING would prohibit them from testing any of the others in the future. If the other boys were to be charged with Aiding/abetting, DNA would not help in that case in any way.

Something is not right here, I'm certain.

I have other mysteries / inconsistencies in this case if anyone wants to know..

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