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May 02, 2006


> Mike Nifong, the district attorney who turned Durham into a media circus...

Hello Brendan,

Are your sure it was Mike Nifong, all by himself, who turned Durham into a media circus? The accuser(s) had nothing to do with it? The players, by their own actions? The defense attorneys? The media itself? The public? How about yourself? You have been giving the story saturation coverage from the beginning. You played no role?


woah...yeah, maybe we all just need to look into the mirror to see who's to blame.

ah, just kidding. nifong is a tool. all the voters needed was just one pre-election poll to help coordinate on one challenger.

Don't we need to find out what the case is (not to mention the outcome) before we decide to be sad?

Note that Nifong is being congratulated by some of the defense attorneys and has broad endorsements.

Bishop has a censure on his record. That's what we should want? Bullshit.

So we should give up on elected officials if they generate controversy or become a focal point for the 24/7 news cycle? That's pathetic.

We need to see the trial.

Nifong should be disbarred for his behavior and the law changed appoint judges and not elect them.

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