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May 04, 2006



If the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, how do you explain the reaction to Judah Benjamin's speech when he proposed that the South have its own Emacipation Proclamtion? The Richmond newspaper responded that if the South freed the slaves, then why even have a Civil War. The Civil War was absolutely about slavery and everyone at the time knew it.


NOTHING to do with slavery? So what did it have to do with? Please tell me what exactly their grievences against the United States were, and don't say vague stuff like "sovereignty." Tell me what "rights" of the south were being violated. Oh, by the way, the Confederate flag is the flag of an enemy of the United States. And I hope it's not a symbol of southern culture, because it stands for treason and slavery. When you take up arms against your country, you are a traitor. If you like America, fly an American flag. But don't fly the flag of a bunch of traitors to America and then try to say you love America.

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