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May 01, 2006


i don't agree with your assesment. this is more like rejecting the 1 penny offer in a divide the dollar game.

Stupidest idea to come out of congress YET. And what about this: "Even though some voters have been outspoken in their opposition to the $100 rebate, Democrats still want credit for being the first to think of putting money back in taxpayers' pockets." Whaaaaa???
Why on earth would the Dem's want CREDIT for this idiotic proposal (or the $500 version?)
Oh Dear God, I find myself in agreement with Rush??!! It will rain frogs any day now.

That's probably true for some who oppose. But for most of us, this reeks of what the GOP is always trying to pin on Dems: throw money at the situation, instead of trying to fix it.
And, how would it work? How much tax money will be spent on administering these rebates (I can see it now, the Office of Fuel Recompensation, fully staffed), and how many of us, ultimately, won't ever SEE a rebate (shades of the child care credit that my family never saw)...

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