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June 30, 2006


I think it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the more often something, lie or not, is repeated people will believe it.

What I find absolutely astonishing is how after all that has happened in the past five years to prove, again, beyond all reasonable doubt, that Bush and his cronies have utterly failed this country in every conceivable way... there are still people who support him. I simply don't get it, but I have to conclude a couple things. First, that there are people who call themselves "conservatives" who will support their fearless and feckless leader no matter how much hard evidence exists that proves he has utterly failed. Second, there are the lazy people who simply never read or listen to divergent opinions or simply do not have the intellectual wherewithal to question the rational of anything this administration does.

What I would love to see is for pollsters to cease wasting money on ridiculous polls tracking the popularity of the president or congress and invest their money in a grand sociological study. I have my own curiosities I want to find answers to...

Why are Americans so damned complacent compared to other cultures?

Why do the people who continue to support Bush and the administration continue to pledge their loyalty to a failed president and corrupt congress? What is their rational?

What is it about American culture that prevents people from demanding change? Are we really that pathetically lazy?

Will Bush's rhetoric work? Yes.

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