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June 26, 2006


Brendan--France is in trouble. According to Wickipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unexploded_ordinance):

In the Ardennes region of France, large-scale citizen evacuations were necessary during UXO removal operations in 2001. In the forests of Verdun French government "demineurs" working for the Department du Deminage still hunt for poisonous, volatile, explosive munitions and recover about 900 tons every year. The most feared are those corroded shells containing poison gas, which can cause blindness or a slow, painful death from burned lungs. According to the film "Aftermath", these demineurs "have gathered more than twenty million shells but have lost six hundred demineurs. At this pace France will be fully cleared and safe -- in seven-hundred years." French farmers still find many UXOs when ploughing their fields; the so-called "iron harvest."

An American invasion may be imminent.

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