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June 21, 2006


NR is a laugh a minute. They just had a fund raiser where if their goal was reached they'd start selling Star Trek related NR merchandise.

Have they ever kissed a girl?

Mr. Nyhan,

The article had nothing to do with equality of income distribution. It was about the Republicans and Democrats who are so worried about the national debt. The author was merely putting the debt into perspective.

Yes, the income distribution is equal amongst all. As far as that goes, do you propose to force everyone to be equal? Move the bottom 20 percentile up 20K?

It would be interesting if you could provide a graph of what people at the 90th percentile are making, people at the 91st percentile are making, and so forth. I think the Bill Gates in the 90-100 group is pushing that line way up. And the people near the 1st percentile are pushing the 0-20 group way down.

Check out this recent link at NRO about the cost of tax increases (http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MTQwNmY5NWU3NWYzNmRiYjRhZTVjOTZkMDM4NjA1ZTM=). It seems just like another justification for the Laffer curve which has been laughed out of credibility.

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