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July 04, 2006


I didn't realize how much of the article depended on quotes from Bruce Fein until you pulled them all together like that.

Excellent, and frightening, post. What amazes me the most is that these men cannot see what the consequences of this philosophy of governance has been. In the midst of the "war on terror", war in Iraq, economic concers and more, this approach has only made it harder to deal with these issues. And yet like defenders of communism, they continue to believe that if they just had a chance to do it right, they could make it work.

You can defend the New York Slimes all you want but the truth is they committed treason and Keller should be tarred and feathered in addition to spending time in the slammer. This article hurt our credibility with countries cooperating in running down terrorists through this method. These countries feel like America cannot keep a secret. The arrogance of the media is appalling and I don't blame the President or anyone in the administration for their disgust with them...the media will get us all killed if they keep reporting like this. We are in a serious war for our survival...the Consitution is not a suicide document.

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