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July 31, 2006


You obviously haven't completely watched the film or enjoy lying. There are several cases that tax protestors have won against the government. Several are mentioned in the film itself. I provide a link to one mentioned in the film itself.

I'd suggest that you watch the films you review.

John Anhakt:

You are in error on several counts.

Mr Nyhan is not reviewing the video. He's passing on a refutation of the thesis of the video by expert tax reporter David Cay Johnston - one of the strongest critics of the IRS in print. I'd suggest you read the weblog posts you attack before attacking them.

Johnston's a meticulous researcher, as anyone critiquing the IRS and the tax code has to be. It's not that long a video, my guess would be that Johnston watched the whole thing. I did, for instance.

The point that "There are several cases that tax protestors[sic] have won against the government" is only correct if you specify that you are not talking about tax resisters, who have won no cases at all. This sentence is accurate:

This claim has been made in various forms by thousands of tax protesters since 1913, and so far their batting average with the courts is .000.

The defendent in the case you cited, Joe Banister always pays his mandated income tax. He advises others on not doing so. In the case you cited, Banister was acquitted by a jury of conspiracy to defraud. Banister's arguement was that his assistance was privileged, because at the time he was a member of the federal tax bar--he has since been disbarred.

The person Banister was advising and assisting, Walter Thompson, was not so lucky:

On April 13, 2005, in Sacramento, CA, Walter A Thompson was sentenced to serve 72 months in prison and fined $7,500 following his conviction in January for two counts of filing false claims for refunds, filing a false amended individual income tax return, ten counts of willfully failing to deduct, withhold, collect and pay over income and social security taxes from his employees.

Banister and his attorney tossed tax protester and resister Thompson over the side to save Banister's hide. The example you cite proves that the person who doesn't pay taxes does indeed get prosecuted. The person helping him try to evade taxes may get off. Even other tax protesters despise Banister and his arguments (which are also Russo's, for the most part), making it doubly odd that you would cite that case at all

The 16th amendment was ratified validly. The Constitution was not written for imaginary worlds, but for the real one where law operates, full of good faith efforts and reasonable man standards. Congress and the courts and the state legislatures involved all said so, at the time. Nor was it notable as an amendment for the path it took to ratification. It's simply that not all amendments make the elites angry. When they do, they'll throw the kitchen sink at it. The other arguments Russo uses are well summed up here:

It's an anti-tax movie. And it repeats every false quotation and pseudo-fact current in the IRS-haters' handbook

I'm glad somebody’s cleaning the air of this pollution. This nonsense ranks right up there with those eliminate your debt scams. I wouldn't be surprised if those guys were sending that video to their victims.

I hear Russo’s movie may hit theaters, I should get into the “eliminate your debt” business if that happens.

That's funny. Really. you should really try to win that fifty grand. I'm waiting!

I wouldn't expect anyone named after a noise to do so. :) "Let us cleanse the air of this pollution!" Geez, Pontificate on, wonderboy. Wear a bow-tie for us next time you wanna do a Tucker Carlson impersonation.

This person is completely wrong... The NYT is obviously getting worse with its writers. Fortunatley I don't buy their magazine anyways, but the point is why is our government paying intrests back to these banks. This is what i want to know? In the constitution is states that only the legislative branch has the right to coin money.... when did they get the right to give their power away... I always went to the Federal Reserve bank, and it says that they are a "independent entity within the government." And that people do own stocks in this bank, but they cannot be traded or sold. That seems pretty suspicious to me. This guy should be ashamed of what he is doing writing an article like this. He is not American, and he doesn't care about our civil liberties.

cheyenne i totally agree with you and i think we should take some steps to make it better .

"John Anhakt:

You are in error on several counts.

Mr Nyhan is not reviewing the video. He's passing on a refutation of the thesis of the video"

While, within the first sentence of the page, this statement proves inconclusive.

"David Cay Johnston, a respected New York Times reporter on tax issues, has debunked "America: From Freedom to Fascism," "

I find it interesting that you suggest that John read the weblog post when it does not appear that you have done so yourself. The writer himself asserts that Johnston has debunked America: From Freedom to Fascism, described directly afterward as a crackpot anti-tax documentary. Not a debunking of the thesis, but of the documentary.

An abridged version of the quote, within the rules of the english language, is as follows.

"David Cay Johnston, a respected New York Times reporter on tax issues, has debunked...a...documentary"

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