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July 13, 2006


"So what are we going to do?" The solution is to have instant run-off elections, or something similar. Centrist politicians would not have to worry about appealing to the extremes, because they know they will be the second or third choice of those voters.

How about instead of simple majority, we begin a 2/3 majority, much like Congress's need for constitutional amendments.

Although touted as a "fresh" alternative voice to politics as usual, Hotsoup appears to be anything but. It looks like nothing more than a blog for unemployed former political insiders from past dynasties. Donna Brazile?? Mary Matalin?? Scott McClellan?? Please!!! Let's dig up Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, Monica Lewinsky, and Slick Willie!!

I guess these guys just miss the good ol' glory days, basking in the media spotlight, spewing tired opinions to a nation that has long since hit the delete button. Do they really think anyone is listening to their spin, sadly discredited by recent events? If so, they should fire themselves and their pollsters and read the Wall St. Journal article that confirms what we already know: most Americans--conservative, liberal, independent, blue state, red state, zebra stripe/polka dot state, or whatever--are sick and tired of the status quo, corrupt, sleazy, spineless politicians (and their staffers) of both parties. (Do we even have two parties?) This crowd offers nothing new, just the same old distortions from people who, contrary to their spin, are pimps to the PACs and big corporations/firms (their future employers once voters kick them out of office). While in office, they loot the treasury, line their pockets, and dodge responsibility for tackling serious issues, like the Iraq war, the deficit, global famine, environmental protection, or genocide in Darfur.

How about a real independent, grassroots blog, featuring average americans' opinions on "hot topics"?

I actually like www.rizzleweb.com better, its got a lot more of a novel concept, it allows everyday users to write performance reviews for everyday politicians, I hear they plan to estabellish a PAC, and donate money to the top rated politicians.

What bugs me is this. After years of hard working folks like those at dailykos, firedog lake, bartcop and many others, the netroots blogs have become important and effective. Now some suit and tie corporate type think they can just start a highly financed, highly promoted site and steal the show. I think and hope they will fail.

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