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August 22, 2006


I used to think that I would get good and complete information from the NYT. That seems to be a thing of the past. They are dumbing down their stories and including stories on the front page such at Bill and Hillary's sex life. When the NYT doesn't keep us reliably informed we are really in trouble. Note that the Washington Post just had a group of "70 early retirees" leave. So who is running the Post now? Kids from YAF with no experience or knowledge of history? Not good!

Actually, the major thing that no one has pointed out is Bush's straw man argument: "nobody has ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack." No, no one in the world has ever suggested that as far as I know. That's not what Bush is being accused of and he knows it; the use of the straw man is an attempt to throw off the accusation without actually rebutting it.

Speaking of misstatements; since when was Saddam Hussein not in control of Kurdish areas and just when was it that Kurds looked the otherway on behalf of Al Quada?

Rare are the times when I take Bush's side, but come on, the Kurdish north--autonomous or not--was within the internationally accepted borders of Iraq. I gotta side with Menlo Bob on this one. It's dishonest to say they weren't in Iraq.

Unfortunately the administration seems to have convinced Americans to go to war by carefully worded deceptions they knew citizens wouldn't parse carefully.

While the Presidents mis-statement about birth states was of no national importance it does indicate extremely sloppy work by the White House. Doesn't anyone there fact check speeches and public statements? The President is constantly making gaffes and saying things that have to be corrected later. How many decisions made by the White House are based on sloppy work and lack of true facts? Doesn't the President read what he says? Surely, if he had thought about it for a second, the President would have known that his father was one of those in the same category and should have questioned the whole idea.

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