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August 14, 2006


Atrios has a picture of the guy in question. No mohawk.

It's worse: 'macacque' is a racial slur denoting dark-skinned people in North Africa ... and Allen's mother -- this was news to me, when I heard it today -- was French-Tunisian. That's one hell of a coincidence.

Having a neanderthal halfwit like George Allen confusedly calling an Indian a monkey by way of trying to insult him is rich.

We Hindus worship monkeys (along with elephants, peacocks, bulls, cows and 330,000,000 other dieties). Monkeys, by way of Hanuman, are particularly revered. One could be called a lot worse.

George Fohorn Leghorn Allen has proven himself to be not only a remarkable racist, but a flat out liar as well. Allen maintains he didn't know what macaca meant. Yeah, right.

Allen speaks French:

A little known fact about Senator Allen is that his undergraduate education was enhanced substantially by his excellent performance in French class - [longmont.edu]

His mother emigrated from French Tunisia. Not only is macaque the French word for monkey, it is a known racial slur in his mother's home country of Tunisia. Anyone who speaks French knows what Macaque means... both in context of the animal and the slur.

The definition of "Macaque" on answers.com:

ma·caque (mə-kăk', -käk') pronunciation n. Any of several short-tailed monkeys of the genus Macaca of southeast Asia, Japan, Gibraltar, and northern Africa. [French, from Portuguese macaco. See macaco.] http://www.answers.com/topic/macaque

Any more lies the hound-dog faced Allen would care to tell? Any more racial slurs he'd care to dispense? Are the people of Virginia going to continue to put up with this Grade A Asshole?


Check this out: forget the racial slur. There's more to this because Allen's "apology" only makes things worse: Allen immediately assumed that this kid didn't "live in the real world" by which he means, outside the beltway. Well, first of all, the kid DOES live outside the beltway. Second of all, "inside the beltway" is where most of the minorities in NOVA live. Why would Allen have assumed that the kid was from there, other than the color of his skin? Do minorities not live out in the "real world" with Allen and all his white friends? What the hell is he saying? This is an APOLOGY???

Daily Kos had a detailed take-down of the non-apology.


"Do you want a man with that resume as President?"

Well, we French have one (Chirac back in 1991 made an infamous comment about the "smell" of immigrants) so why not Americans?
I confirm that "macaque" is a racial slur, usually targeting Africans and Blacks in general. Whether Allen actually had it in mind is another question...

I'm not defending Allen at all, but I don't understand something in the original entry:

"In addition, the statement 'Welcome to America' is highly offensive given that Sidarth is non-white."

I don't see how that statement could be offensive or even "highly offensive" to someone who is non-white. If I greet a worker coming over from India to work at our department by saying "Welcome to America", is that offensive because he is non-white?

Also in the context, Allen is clearly saying something to the effect of "Welcome to Earth", implying that the person is out of touch with America and is about to get a lesson on it from the speech he is about to give and the reception he is about to receive.

No argument on "macaca". I think he knew what he was saying and it was kind of an inside joke. I doubt he expected anybody to call him on it.


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