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August 09, 2006


Lieberman is a Douche is examining the broken system that would allow candidates like Sore Loserman to defeat the purpose of the party primaries.


How exactly is the system broken (in this case)? The Democrats had their primary and picked their candidate - that is "the purpose of the party primaries".

What is wrong with an independent candidate running? Why must everyone worship at either the Democratic or Republican altar in order to run for public office?

On your incredibly tastefully named site, you say that the deadline for independents is "set so far after the primaries". How is ONE day "so far after the primaries"?

This all really comes down to one thing: you don't like the candidate and you want him to go away. Too bad. (Personally, I don't care about him one way or the other.)

The election is what matters not the primary and anyone should have the opportunity to get on the ballot regardless of party affiliation.

I think Mark meant that the filing deadline for independants is "so far" from the filing deadline for Dems/Repubs. I've heard the complaint before; it usually comes from a failure to understand that "independent" is not a party, it is independent of the party system.

The late filing deadline exists for just such a purpose. So a candidate who may lose a primary can still run. In fact one of the principles of democracy is that if you believe you are the best candidate to run for a particular office it is incumbent (no pun intended) upon you to offer yourself as a candidate. However many take a failed primary run to mean that they will not be successful in attracting enough support in a general election, so often they drop out. Sen. Lieberman obviously feels otherwise, and polls reflect that he may be correct, at least for now.

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