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September 26, 2006


He didn't liken taxation of the rich to Nazi persecution of the Jews--it was much _worse_ than that. He explicity compared the estate tax to the Holocaust on "Fresh Air" on NPR.

And this guy is a power figure in the Republican party?

His brother is also the DHS_CFO. Like Chris_Cannon and Karl_Rove, when it comes to cheap labor they're willing to rub elbows with those on the far-left. He appeared on a panel shown on CSPAN with and supported the same "reforms" as the_ACLU, the_NCLR, and similar groups. See also his possible role in lifting Davis_Bacon on the Gulf_Coast as well as this:


The FPM link appears not to work anymore, but it's here:


Here's the actual quote decide what you think he's comparing:

The argument that some who play to the politics of hate, and envy and class division will say is "Well that's only 2 percent, or 5 percent in the near future, of Americans likely to have to pay that tax."

That's the morality of the Holocaust. It's only a small percentage, it's not you it's somebody else.


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