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September 23, 2006


We can't live two more years with this administration and no one standing up to them. Where are the democrats? Is this due to the warrantless wiretaps and the few corporate media that controls the networks and papers?

While we're on the subject, I think America would be safer if the left were to win the whole shebang, congress and the presidency.
Because only the left can fight the war on terror with some sense of unity in the country.
Because the left will never support conservative leadership in the war but they would get behind their own guy. The conservatives, on the other hand, would support liberal leadership in the war.

I liked the summation of "the cult of the counterintuitive," but..

At the end of the piece, Weisberg clearly says that the win-to-lose theories don't hold enough weight. "And there is one final argument that scotches any theory that Democrats should be glad to fall short in November: The party has now gone 10 years without a big win. ... Democrats need traction and momentum much more than they need a simple argument to make heading into the 2008 election. Boring though it may be to say, the real winner in the November election will be the winner."

So it seems like both you and Plumer could have read the article more carefully...

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