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September 26, 2006


People like my father and Rush Limbaugh directly accuse Democrats of wanting and even helping al Qaeda to win, in those words, all the time. Shutting President Bush up isn't going to help that. But it's still something.

No, they don't want al Qaeda to win. But many on the left don't want George Bush to win. They don't want a victory in Iraq to be credited to Bush. That would be devastating to them.

Q: Mr. President, what do you say to those who don't support your plan to invade Iraq?
A: I don't agree with those whoe say Iraqis are incapable of democracy. They are a noble people.

(Uhh,? Who suggested they don't want democracy?)

I, personally, have lost count of the number of times Bush has said we have to choose between protecting the nation precisely the way he wants, or not protecting it at all.

Hey Brendan,
Check out Dan Froomkin's blog today (WaPo,) under "Bush's Imaginary Foes."

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