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October 10, 2006


Of course.

But I think in some ways it reveals a frustration that the serious news people must have. What would bring a younger audience? "The Daily Show"!

I don't know if I'm entirely comfortable with a comedy show taking over the nightly news spot, but it's how the less-informed people of my generation get their news. Of course the more-informed ones get it from blogs and, via blog links, newpaper web sites.

Also what makes Gibson think that younger viewers would watch the news for the commercials?

Most of my under-30 friends have Tivo to weed that crap out and they're watching cable news.

While the idea of young people getting their news purely from the Daily Show is rather unnerving, I don't believe that most Daily Show fans do get their info solely from that show. After all, in order to get quite a few of the jokes, you have to have a wider range of knowledge about domestic and international politics.

I am with Charlie Gibson on this. I am so sick of these commercials for medicine, as I am sure physicians are too, but I am older than the age above, and because of these dreadful commercials, I will not watch ABC news any longer. What I do is tape it,and pass over the news. This is the only country that has drug commercials. Its pretty sickening

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