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October 18, 2006


I always enjoy hearing about "the enemy" as if it were one person or one monolithic group of people who can be counted on to act or react in a certain way.
Also really enjoy hearing that those of us who disagree with the Bush admin. "just don't understand" the way "the enemy" thinks. It's like a kinder, gentler version of the way they used to accuse us of sympathizing with "the enemy." The political version of "bless your heart!"

"we have a democracy that takes precedence

For now, until the dirty bombs go off in the stadiums this weekend. Or next week. Or whenever they eventually do.

But what the hell, these guys are just a bunch of f'ing goat herders. Who're the Rethuglicans kidding? Those sand n*****s can't do s**t. It's not like they destroyed the tallest buildings in the US or anything insane like that. Ooooh, I'm so scared. Not!

Isn't it cool to show how brave you are by mocking things normal people would fear?

Yeah...that wasn't my point at all.

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