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October 31, 2006


Just came across your blog, putting the family name in google. It's great to see someone from the family doing the important job of keeping an eye on the corporate journalists.

Keep of the good work.
Damon Nyhan

Oh I don't know, it's probably about as valid as Barron's financial analysis of the mid-terms.

It's not so much that these observations are revealing or not, I think noting how a person looks and acts can be very revealing, but that there is no objective standard for analizing the observations. It is fine for an op-ed or gossip column or water cooler talk or on a blog but leave it out of the journalistic reporting. As you say it is too subjective. Instead give me a little reporting about the republican attempt to defang pose comitatus and the Insurrection Act please. And fire that hack Halperin at ABC. They have really gone to the dogs over there.

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