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November 01, 2006


See a tongue-in-cheek posting that employs the same GOP tactic used in relation to Senator Kerry to creatively interpret remarks made by the President in the most unfavorable manner...here:


Why is there no full transcript or video? Is it to protect the Senator's stump speech so he won't have to write a new one? I really am not convinced by either the short snippets of context you provide or the extremely tightly cropped video clip on YouTube.

Context? Bush in "state of denial?" Oh brother...

For a different take on this issue, please visit Talkwisdom.

How did you even happen onto this blog? You are just one more person purposely misinterpreting this non-issue.
The fact that you proudly declare that in spite of a few "missteps and mistakes" on the part of the current admininstration, you continue to support them, shows how sadly wrong you are.
"Talkwisdom?" "Talknonsense."

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