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November 02, 2006


He is only a saint because he looks better than Bush. He is not completely without principles, he just randomly utilizes them.

It seems as if a lot of people are getting hysterical about the looming elections; I am a little uneasy myself. There is a feeling that some huge, ugly things are about to see the light of day. We have the fear that the recent scandals are just the fin of the shark.

Maybe the reason is because McCain's joke is

1) Actually pretty fucking funny.
2) Not about the poor poor troops.
3) Not a political-minded jab designed to score points.
4) Only insults a few people.

I'll ignore reasons 1, 2, 4, because those all revolve around whether you think the joke was targeted at Bush or the troops; it seems pretty clear to me Bush was the target, and if you think he was actually intending to insult the troops then I don't think either of us will convince the other of our view.

But I can't let this go: "Not a political-minded jab designed to score points." What are you saying? That it is better to call an 18 year old girl ugly simply for the purpose of being mean, than it is to make fun of the president / or if you insist the troops stuck in Iraq for the political purpose of opposing a war you don't agree with?

Or put another way: Is just being mean for no purpose except to hurt someone better than being mean for a purpose? Instinctively I find the first much more disturbing than the second -- at least I can understand why someone would do the second, but just being mean to be mean I find much more difficult to accept.

(At any rate, I don't see how you can say McCain's comment is not political-minded to score points... if he agreed with President Clinton or Janet Reno, would he say such a thing? Seems unlikely. That kind of comment is said to get points with the people who have the same dislike of Clinton/Reno.)

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