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November 01, 2006


At least the NYT published a rowback.

I am still waiting for ONE of the administrators and faculty below (including the Dean of Social Sciences, mind you) to publicly comment on whether they have revised their initial position on the LAX case

List of administrators and faculty known as "the list of 88" (who claim to have been listening, though my impression is that, if they did, then they were not really paying attention):


Previous commenter does seem to have a point. The individuals in question might want to consider voicing publicly whether they have changed their views on the LAX case or not.

As an outsider to the Duke LAX case, I am curious: What is the general feeling right now, given the claims that many administrators and faculty members (for example, the 88 individuals in question) initially made? Do some of those individuals regret (at least in private) having voiced the opinions they initially voiced?

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