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November 29, 2006



I don't understand how Simon intends to be more inclusive. They're leadership is founded on a shared intolerance.

The abolition of partisanship is often a popular topic, especially around election season.

Oddly enough, many of the same people who advocate an end to partisan politics are the same ones whol balk when it is then suggested that we abolish all political parties. Unless we do that, I don't see how we can have a true end to partisanship.

It's like telling the players before a Bears vs. Jets game, "Can you please play without all this team stuff getting in the way? We're really getting sick and tired of it."

Wow. I had no idea he was such a valley girl.

"Ideology is so last-millenium", said Simon, "and as for partisanship--like, whatever--gag me with a spoon."

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