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November 16, 2006


There seems to be serious disagreement about the importance of the charges made against Hastings. Mark Schmitt, for example, said in comments at Yglesias's place that the impeachment was garbage. And, not for nothing, but apparently Harman's being investigated right now by the FBI for attempts to use AIPAC's influence to secure her seat. Given what's going on in the world, and where it's going on, it's not clear to me that an inappropriate relationship with AIPAC (or CAIR or whomever) isn't a substantially larger concern than whatever is really at issue with Hastings.

Further, it's no longer clear whether you are making substantive objections to Hastings' fitness for the position, or whether you're arguing that even if he should be placed there, the cost in bad publicity is too high a price to pay.

The struggle for House leadership isn't "hurting" Democrats nor is it hurting Pelosi.

It's just politics: they have to pick a leader and the members vote.

I'm not sure ANYONE has demostrated that there is some downside to this event other than the media and Republicans trying to make it SEEM like "Democrats are turning on themselves after a big victory." This whole process is just the politcal machinery at work.

I'm with Brendan, as long as there's an accusation out there, you should be facing the blackball.

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