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December 27, 2006


Exactly. That's exactly what I can't stand about Edwards: the used car salesman-meets-Elmer Gantry style. He is a condescending huckster. I apprepriate his determined promotion of populism and he is absolutley right that our candidate should be a populist, but he isn't one himself, not really, except as a marketing ploy.

I don't disagree that this kind of letter is fundamentally dishonest. However, I think its only fair to point out that virtually every potential candidate since the beginning of time has sent a similar letter. To fault only Edwards on this count seems unfair.

Didn't our current president go to two elite schools? Shouldn't a president be more than just his resume? Isn't the idea to win votes? Where is the love for the plaintiff's lawyer? Must we only love lawyers who represent the powerful (Hillary)?

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