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December 29, 2006


I'm disgusted. The lacrosse team has already forfeited two games. I hope they forfeit the rest of the season.

Yeah, Mr. Reasonable all right. You got so taken in by the hype and Nifong's bluster. Here's a hint, next time either couch your comments with those wonderful weasel wrods like, "if this accusation is true...", or simply don't run off with your preconcieved notions taking the place of the truth.

Oh I see, so some idiots use racial slurs so the whole team shoudl be punished. Please, that excuse is just lame.

You're being pretty unfair in the way you're taking what I said the day the story broke out of context. At the time, it appeared that the rape charges were serious and credible. I think canceling the season given what was known then was a reasonable decision -- the games would have been media circuses anyway. But obviously I have a different perspective now.

Thanks for admitting it, i.e. "But obviously I have a different perspective now."

You are proving WAY more reasonable, open minded, and willing to revise your prior beliefs in the face of contradictory evidence, than at least 88 faculty (and administrators) of the school where we are getting a degree.

Dean Sarah Deutsch (Dean of Social Sciences no less), where are you? Karla Holloway, where are you? I wish these faculty and administrators had some courage and learned something from you (and other students).

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