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December 15, 2006


Excellence in Broadcasting indeed. Christ, You want to talk about big ears, has he seen Bush's?

This is the humor everyone is always saying Limbaugh uses. It's typical Limbaugh: Childish, bullying and mean. Pretty similar to his schtick about Michael J. Fox.

It's only funny if you are a die-hard hater of Democrats and "libruls". For example, Tom DeLay probably thinks it is hilarious.

"But on the other, Limbaugh is right -- Obama is going to have to toughen up if he wants to be president."

Limbaugh is right?? Good grief, do you think maybe Obama was joking? That is the only way to deal with a clown like Dowd. First nonsense about his middle name, then Greenfield on his clothes, now Dowd and Limbaugh on his ears.

Yeah, I agree with Jerry. You're meeting Limbaugh halfway here, which is more than he deserves. A three second fragment of a conversation (possibly out of context) is evidence that Obama needs to toughen up? Come on Brendan, I expect better.

Yup here we go. Check this out


Now Margret Carlson. Can Chris Matthews be far behind? Pretty soon we will have Obama is too sensitive just like Gore was always stretching the truth, invented the internet, etc, etc. And this is interesting too.


See comment 7.

Even more bizarrely, Limbaugh, in the course of talking about our alleged Public Enemy No. 1 currently holed up in Afghanistan, referred to this individual as -- and I am not joking -- "Osama bin Bama"

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