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January 10, 2007


I am convinced that the reason such nut cases are put on the air is liberal bias. Liberals know that presenting people like Alan Keyes as spokesmen for conservatism is the best way of making America liberal. I really believe this.

They might have an extreme ideology, but calling them 'hatemongers' is almost as bad as dropping to their level.

Well, actually...Kieth Olberman has his own network news show, and he is just as bad as Glenn Beck.
And the liberal bias is far more sneaky than the conservative bias (which is in your face yelling at you) but it is just as bad in my opinion, if not worse.

Keith Olberman is just as bad? You have got to be joking!

Keith Olberman, to the best of my recollection, has never once stooped to the level of calling an elected official a terrorist because he was sworn in with a Koran.

Fact-based commentary in a corporate news environment where facts are routinely ignored IS NOT SNEAKY.

Honesty is hard enough to come by without attempting to compare Mr. Olberman to a disingenuous buffoon like Glenn Beck. At least, I don't feel my intelligence leaking from my skull when I listen to Olberman.

Whether you like Olberman's commentary or not, you cannot assert his arguments lack merit or intellectual rigor.

Calling Bush 'stupid' nearly everytime he talks about him is not intellectual rigor to me.

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