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January 23, 2007


He doesn't. He's mind-reading.

This strikes me as a weak criticism. We want reporters to give us their informed impressions. Otherwise, they have only the admittedly scripted event. Why not just print the press releases and be done with, then?

I don't know if Hillary is fake per se, but she comes off as contrived because of the way she tries this dumb "triangulation" strategy rather than embracing stands that would be both politically as well as ethically advantageous. She embraced the war in Iraq back in 2002 and has continued to be a booster for it despite the obviousness of the scale of the disaster. She's way too friendly with the big corporations whose interests are directly at odds with those of working Americans.

I've met scores of Democrats who won't vote for her in any election-- I've never seen this before. She's not just polarizing for Dems vs. Republicans, she's polarizing even among Democrats alone.

Tim, I disagree. There is no evidence for any of this wild speculation, certainly not any more than for any other politician.

I do not like Senator Clinton much (though as a New Yorker I voted for her) and I find her annoying, but some journalists and commentators are relying on stereotypes (or, since this is the internet I suppose I should refer to it as a 'meme') to fill in the gaps where facts are missing.

There are a lot of substantive things Clinton can be criticized for without falling into this tea-reading BS. Its very unprofessional.

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