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February 17, 2007


Sullivan's claim appears to be based on this post that he linked to from TPM's Greg Sargent, who asked (again without evidence) whether Young knew the quote was bogus:

Given that the discrediting of this quote has been all over the internet for over six months, we have to ask: Did Rep. Young know that the quote was bogus, but recycle it anyway? We'll never know. He certainly seemed to think what he was saying was very profound.

Does anyone think Don Young reads Factcheck.org? I don't know why we would assume he knew the quote was phony. I co-edited Spinsanity for four years and follow politics very closely, and I had never heard of it before.

As is typical of your outrage, it is selective and more than a little faulty and relies on your amazingly weak knowledge.

Greg doesn't have to prove there's evidence that someone knew something was false to ASK if they knew it was false.

Nor is factcheck.org the only place this piece of nonsense was exposed, nor is factcheck.org the last word in "research."

In fact, this has been exposed, as even I, a person without the benefit of a Duke education (getting by on an education obtained at a state school that isn't on either fashioable coast) knew.

Indeed, it was exposed on multiple web sites that I visited, and had been exposed previously.

Good on factcheck.org, by the way. Although seriously late to the party, as per usual.

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