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February 11, 2007


; Obama has been in the US Senate for four years

Eh? Obama will have been in the US Senate for four years in 2008; he won in 2004.

Ah yes; corrected above.

So Obama is more experienced than Clinton if you totally ignore Hillary's previous experience and assume seven years in the Illinois House is worth more than five years in the United States Senate.

Man, you nailed that one down tight.

And lets also forget Hillary Clinton's experience as the 1st wife of the president of the United States for 8 years. Wow... that could possibly not compare to being a kid living in a muslim country. Yeah... right. Very accurate post on your blog.

Obama wears his experience on his sleeve for everyone to see. And see it we do...his
ideas "proposals" are change and hope!
Wow that means take over private industry
through more madates?
The Clintons have been hanging around way to long as have the Bushs.
Mccain on the other hand is dumb as a box of hammers. We are screwed people! the front runners all suck...all we have is Ron Paul.
Republicians messed up bad they should have
nominated Paul.

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