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March 19, 2007


Glen Beck sounds like a dick.

I'm not saying Beck is a dick, just that he sounds like one.

Well, his actual was that Hillary Clinton *is* a stereotypical bitch. So now we're supposed to not go by exact quotes, but pull in previous sentences to pad things out?

Glenn Beck is fast becoming the next Bill O'Reilly (i.e. a right-wing blowhward who does himself no favors whenever he opens his mouth).

Why has Headline News provided jobs to boneheaded cheap commentators? I don't understand it. This guys dim-witted comments are SOO inflammatory, I'm surprised he's not canned yet. I can't believe that this guy felt that he had enough reason to ask Kieth Ellison to prove that he's a loyal American and not a terrorist. This guy should have been immediately kicked off the air. That was just offensive by mere fact of Beck's lack of self-consciousness. This is just going too far. There should be no room for Beck's sophomoric and cheap language in our political discourse.

Kudos to your site and pointing out what Beck said. Before I stumbled upon this site, I wasn't aware of him or his comment(s). Nor was I aware of what Imus said about the "Nappy Headed Ho's" until the media (pronounced liberal whine-ass pieces of shit) exploited it. As for Bill O'Reilly, yes, he definitely ranks right up there with Beck and Imus. They're all Gods. If it weren't for these guys, where would we get the truth? Please refer to "Freedom of Speach" noted somewhere, now where did I see that? Oh yeah, THE CONSTITUTION! Live with it, or go to China. I'll buy the ticket. You can fly in the luggage comprtment with Hillary Bitch.

Well, he didn't really say anything that isn't the truth. She does have an irritating voice, kind of.....bitchy. And why are so many americans such wimps any more. Nobody can say anything that someone doesn't whine about it. You may not agree with someone, but he has the right to say it. I can't stand listening to Hillary, but she has the right to speak. I just don't have to listen to her.

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