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March 30, 2007


Very succinct, a slam dunk. Can't wait to try this out on the first person I hear this from.

The truly annoying part of this is that it could have, and probably still can be, a potent club to use against Republicans. How the Dems let Republicans claim that Republican-passed tax legislation is a Democratic initiative is beyond ridiculous. It is the Republican tax hike of 2010!

Your logic (or lack thereof) is amazing. When you start at "x" and pay "y" less for a while and then go back to paying "x" sometime later. That's not an increase. That's called temporary relief. The only way republicans could get the original "cut" past the democrats is by making it temporary, in hopes that they could make it permanent later. Even if it is not permanent, the republicans are allowing it to go the the level that it started at before they took control. The democrats are raising it above where they took control. But hey, if you want to remain deluded, feel free. It's a free country, for now, until your socialists take over.

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