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March 27, 2007


People keep saying the man isn't doing legislation...that's wrong. He's not doing "sexy" legislation. As the post from Obsidian Wings WAY back in October of 2006 shows, Obama is doing what legislators should do...he's legislating!


I have to agree with Mike P. This argument that Obama is heavy on rhetoric yet light or non-existant on substance has really become the "Al Gore claims he invented the internet" media story line on Obama. It's lazy and off the mark.

More thoughts here.

Most people who are supporting Obama, going to his rallies, etc. have no idea what he stands for besides opposition to the war in Iraq.

Most people?

Do you have some sort of poll to back that up? And, if you do, does it matter? Did "most people" who backed BUsh understand what "compassionate conservatism" was going to be, after they found out, did they care?

What Obama needs is to get out of the Tsongas/Hart box

Please stop reading the stuff you are citing, as it is only making you stupider. Barack Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime political talent, with only JFK and Ronald Reagan as his peers. That doesn't mean he should be president, it merely means that comparisons with the likes of Paul Tsongas are utterly preposterous.

Most people who are supporting Obama, going to his rallies, etc. have no idea what he stands for..

Now take that clause and replace Obama with Giuliani.

It's that time of year. Realisitically it's way too early for most non-wonk types to have developed a terribly informed basis for their candidate preference.

"Duke Boy" is right about the downside of the "goo-goo" appeal, but Obama is doing the right thing. Why take a hard stance on the issues this early in the race when they are going to be attacked by the pundits? He is doing himself a favor by letting Hilary and Edwards take the majority of the criticism.

"What Obama needs is to get out of the Tsongas/Hart box and engage in a serious debate over policy with Hillary and John Edwards. Soon. It will change his profile and engage downscale voters who don't care so much about process."

I don't think Obama has any chance whatsoever to get out of that box in this particular election cycle.

His appeal right now is so deeply rooted in "beyond politics" rhetoric that I don't think he can possibly make the switch in the next 9 months.

Add to that the phenomenon of downscale Dems traditional reluctance to go with a new face, and I think it's a lost audience for him in '08.

obama is trying to become the first black president because he sees an opportunity to do so right now. that's it. his ideas about the war are bullshit. it frankly doesn't matter that he opposed the war in the illinois state senate. what matters is that he continues to fund the war again and again, and he refuses to make a pledge to get our troops out of iraq even by 2013, pulling the mainstream ploy of banking on the ignorance of the american people to perceive a candidate capable of "supporting the troops but not the war," meanwhile murdering a million iraqis and squandering the monies of our generation. his stupid belligerence regarding iran (leaving all options on the table) is a political machination that is so violent and ill-founded i wouldn't vote for him simply on that principle. but his unquestionable pandering to be seen as not black---his support for the Death Penalty, for christ's sake, and his refusal to move forward with slave reparations strikes me as racial treason. i can watch the obama girl video on repeat, but i don't buy this guy's marketing.

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